De Nedinsco als lichtbaken aan de Maas / The Nedinsco as a light beacon on the river Maas
LED-lighting installation

A project in the abandoned Nedinsco building on the river Maas in Venlo. For a month, the Nedinsco tower was illuminated from the inside. During the evening and night, the tower gradually changed colour.

Nedinsco is a listed monument. It is a former industrial complex in Venlo in Bauhaus style. A striking part of this complex is the 36-metre high tower structure built in 1929.
The Nedinsco complex is of cultural historical and architectural historical value.

Nedinsco, subsidiary company of Carl Zeiss Jena, was founded for the manufacture of optical and fine mechanical instruments. In 1930 the tower, necessary for testing submarine periscopes, was constructed. Venlo had its first skyscraper. The tower building was used for aligning optical instruments and also served for the calibration of larger measuring distances. This was done by tuning the instruments to the many church spires in the surroundings of Venlo.
Pending a change of use the building stood vacant for many years. Few buildings in Venlo were so hotly debated as ‘the Nedinsco’.

During the vacancy the light project Light Up took place.
The aim of this project was to revive the building, make it breathe again. Thanks to the light installation inhabitants and visitors of Venlo could get reacquainted with the building and experience it in a new way. The building was seen in a new light.

The iconic complex has now been repurposed and restored.

Light Up was made possible thanks to the commitment of Lagotronics, the city of Venlo and Woonwenz.