2020 - ongoing

Family is a project that originates from a photo that is very close to me, a cherished photo of my own family. The project will comprise a sculpture, a registration on paper and a video.

Sometimes a photo presents itself, as was the case with this one. It is a beach photo on which we are posing. A recognisable scene on the beach with the endless sea in the background. I will strip this photo of its context and abstract the family into a monochromous silhouette. Stripped of this context the image becomes universal, an image of all times, everywhere.

In this project I’m looking for intensification through the monochromous silhouette. The silhouette of plywood is divided into square surfaces. These can be folded into a square parcel in a certain way. This parcel can be stored in a tailor-made box with two portholes. The process of folding and storing signifies preserving and cherishing but also travelling and letting go. Reducing something to a square is a metaphor for the elusiveness and transience of the things around us.

Multiplex, glass and hinges,36 x 36 x 40 cm


Multiplex and hinges, 240 x 180 x 1 cm

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